Future Camera Lenses Might Need Your Smartphone Body To Power Them

Most professional photographers are used to their powerful DSLR cameras. In the near future, that could all come to change drastically. The concept of a smartphone powering a lens is not new, but the development is progressing extremely fast. Soon our smartphones might become the camera houses that make it all come together. It would be a sleek solution, and one that would make the smartphone body more powerful than just a little  phone gadget.

The insane power of a smartphone far exceeds that of the home computers just a decade ago, and these days, we don’t even think about it much. There is one bridge that still has to built, and that is the one between amateur and professional photography when it comes to a smartphone. With companies working on lenses that might be powered by a smartphone body, there is great innovation to be seen in the near future.

Imagine busting out your smartphone and a powerful, professional camera lens that is connected onto a digital camera that has an unlimited number of features due to the app design interface now gracing every smartphone. That would be a dream for any professional photographer, wouldn’t it?

The concept comes from Sony, and it is called Lens Cameras since they are simply lenses powered by a smartphone body. The combination of a super smart lens and a smartphone body could prove both beneficial as well as completely useless depending on the quality of the whole concept. A lens driven this way is only as professional as the parts and interaction between the two. If the rumors which originate from SonyAlphaRumors are right, we will soon see Sony announcing two new camera lenses that are completely dedicated to smartphone users.

The two camera lenses are said to bolt onto the smartphone body and produce images worthy of a real DSLR camera. Whether or not this is true, I don’t know. I guess we will see what power this concept really wields when and if the concept is finally released. These are some of the images that are rumored to picture the alleged Sony lens cameras.

Sony’s Smartphone Body Lens Camera Concept




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