Smartphone Mania: The New Workforce [Infographic]

I started thinking about how many cell phones I have gone through since I first started using them, and I unfortunately lost count. Yeah, not that I have had a lot of expensive ones, but I’ve had quite a lot. I managed to go through three of them in one summer not too long ago. All of them were flip phones, and after a couple of drops, they were destined for the junkyard. It sucks really bad because I had a ton of awesome pictures on those that I never managed to get again. So now with the iPhone and everything, I am hoping for a little bit of mercy should I ever drop and crack it beyond repair.

When the smartphone came around, we started a new era in online activity. The amount of online time in our lives skyrocketed, and we started doing pretty much everything on the Internet. We pretty much never logged out. Downtime was cut to a minimum, and even after we left the office, we continued to work like maniacs just to please the boss in hopes of a raise or even a promotion. If you are a freelancer or business owner, you definitely know what I am talking about.

Socialcast, the epic infographic creators who don’t leave one single topic out of their reach, put together an infographic about the changes we’ve made and the smartphone mania that surrounds us since this new technology was released. It truly highlights the way company workforces have evolved into troops of people who never really log off. The insanity that we’re seeing could very well be the solution for how we’re going to get out of this new economic recession. It could also mean that more and more people will call in sick because they are always staying active. How do you approach this? Do you keep working even though normally your day is over? Do you call in sick more since you started working all waking hours of the day and night?

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Smartphones The New Mobile Workforce