4D Systems Unveils Impressive Transparent Display For Smartphones

These days it doesn’t take long for researchers and developers to realize the technology that we see in movies today. It is almost mind-boggling that they are able to bring what’s clearly science fiction to the real world. Avatar, Prometheus and even Minority Report show off a technology called a Holodeck, but technology isn’t quite there yet. 4D Systems however, don’t think so and recently unveiled a truly impressive transparent display for smartphones.

A while back, a Japanese company announced they had created a two sided touchscreen transparent display, but the image on it was anything but impressive. You could hardly see what the screen presented, and that is something that people don’t exactly want to deal with. 4D Systems’ OLED transparent display for smartphones is, however, a whole different story. Not only is it transparent but it showcases some truly impressive color qualities.

Right now, I don’t think a lot of people really care whether their smartphone screen is transparent or not. In the future this technology could be implemented in airplanes, cars and even our homes in order to show important and sometimes vital information, which today requires us to take our attention off of the road or whatever is in front of us. This way the transparent display, would simply give us the information in our view field, and we would still be able to keep our eyes on where they need to be.

Another impressive thing with  4D Systems

transparent display is that it doesn’t really matter what backdrop you have, the colors on the screen will always be as vibrant so you will always be able to see what is presented to you. On the downside, the resolution is not exactly impressive. As a matter of fact, the 2 inch transparent display has a resolution of 128 by 160 pixels, when compared to today’s touchscreen smartphone displays there is no comparison.

It shouldn’t be too hard for 4D Systems to increase the resolution as they have a transparent display technology that apparently works quite well. Will we see transparent Holodecks in our homes and offices in the near future? We here at Bit Rebels certainly hope so!

4D Systems Transparent Display For Smartphones

4D Systems Transparent Display

4D Systems Transparent Display

4D Systems Transparent Display

Via: [OLED Info]