Smiling Toast | Get a Good Start to the Day

Right now I am in the middle of a nasty flu and all that it involves. Each waking hour is a struggle to stay positive and inspired to keep things rolling. The last thing I would want right now is to fall behind on stuff only to get well and have to “speed work” in order to catch up. That could possibly cause another illness just because of the stress. Well, we all do what we have to do I guess and I am sure I will be feeling way better after I have finished up some stuff over her.

Having a steady breakfast in the morning is essential to a long day of inspiring work. If you miss that meal of the day you can almost bet on that it will turn out to be one hell of a lousy day. That’s why I gave this design a huge smile when I first saw it. The designers must have understood the importance of a happy beginning of the day.

Designer Xu Yan Xiang must have been one happy designer when designing the “Smile Cooking Toaster“. It’s a transparent nano-membrane electric heating toaster. Yup, that tells you a lot doesn’t it. The easiest way to compare it is to think of your straightening iron and you fall in the range of how this works. You can use different smileys to sign a happy face on your toast in the morning.

The transparent glass really makes things even more exciting. Touch screen controls and a timer that shows exactly when your toast is done and ready to be eaten. For some reason I come to think of the “Gingerbread Cookie” in Shrek when I look at this most luxurious device. Now all I have to do is to get over the fact I might be eating a live slice of bread…