10,000 Computer Generated iPhone 5s Fall Like Dominoes [Video]

We’ve seen a lot of things fall like dominoes over the years, but this is a first for 10,000 iPhones. I would like to tell you that each one of these iPhones was meticulously placed in perfect alignment so this incredible maze could fall to perfection, but these are CG iPhones. On second thought, that could be even more impressive. This video was just uploaded to YouTube two days ago, and of course it’s already gone viral. The idea behind it is brilliant.

The creative minds at Aatma Studio decided to imagine an advertisement for the iPhone 5S if it has NFC capabilities. As you know, if it has NFC, content will be able to be passed from one iPhone to the next by just touching the screens together. They decided the best way to highlight this would be to use 10,000 CG iPhone 5s that fall like dominoes, and that touch screens in the process.

Nobody knows for sure yet if the iPhone 5S will have NFC, but if it does, this would be a great television commercial. As I watch this, I can’t help but wonder how they put it all together. Since all these iPhones are CG, I suppose that means at the very beginning when the people all watched it start, it was staged since there weren’t really iPhones there. Love it!

So sit back and watch this very well-done short video. The team that created this did such a great job, and it really showcases their skills. It will definitely keep you entertained for a minute. I mean, it’s not like you get to see 10,000 iPhones fall like dominoes everyday. If you want to see another impressive domino creation, check out Starry Night’s Swirling Clouds Recreated With 7,000 Dominoes.

10,000 Computer Generated iPhone 5s Fall Like Dominoes




Via: [Design Taxi]