Snapjaw Is Your Smartphone Interactive License Plate Display

Have you ever been on the road when you suddenly saw someone driving behind you who forgot to turn on their lights? This is one of the many scenarios where you might wish you had a form of direct communication with other drivers – not only to embrace their security, but also your own. With Snapjaw, you will have that luxury in an instant. This new and innovative way to message other drivers is quite unique from the perspective that you will only need your smartphone to interact with it.

Snapjaw is an innovation developed by Alex Panelli, and it is based on the need to interact with other drivers. More often than not, sign language is the only way to get a message to other drivers, and in most cases, the signs you try to communicate are misinterpreted. With Snapjaw, that will no longer be the case, at least according to the developers of the product.

So what is the Snapjaw? It’s basically a dot LED screen that you easily mount on your license plate. Snapjaw has a unique authenticated number which enables you to interact with it via your smartphone. All you have to do is to text Snapjaw, and it will update instantly. It makes for a straightforward way to communicate with other drivers around you without confusion. I keep wondering about the safety of this thing though. I mean, texting while driving is a bad habit, and it’s one that everyone should avoid. But if there are more people in the car then this is of course not a problem.

The launch of Snapjaw is directly based on the success of its Kickstarter project. In order to realize and finalize the product, funding is needed. The company behind it needs to crowdsource $40,000 within 18 days. With just south of $3,000 raised so far, it looks like a hard nut to crack. But with the help of dedicated pledgers, anything is possible. If you want your very own license plate Snapjaw add-on, all you have to do is pledge $149, and you will be the proud owner of a digital Snapjaw when and if the project is successfully funded.

Snapjaw – Digital License Plate Display