Software That Stops Your Bar From Losing Money

While there are a lot of benefits of opening a bar, you will always have to face issues as an owner. There are several things that can cause annual losses. Yet, sometimes you can’t even spot the problem until you check the revenue and realize how much of it was missed.

What if we told you that there is software that can help you find the problem and get rid of it simply? Any owner can upgrade their place with an innovative and suitable bar point of sale, and we’ll let you know how it will help you with any issue.

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Your Bartenders Seem To Over pour

One of the worst issues is called over pouring. Some bartenders may be professionals, but it’s still hard to be consistent with the shots or cocktails when the bar is busy with customers.
A good solution can be managing your inventory from time to time and tracking the losses with a POS application.

You will know what kind of liquor and products you have in storage and everything will be under your control at any time. After you let your staff know how many losses over pouring bring, they will rethink their actions and start being more precise while preparing drinks.

Customers Are Getting Freebies

Free drinks are something you can’t completely brush off, and you shouldn’t let it be when your bartender gives free beer to the loyal customer. Instead of letting it go, tell the staff to ring the freebies up, too, so you can keep track of those bonuses.

If you think your worker gives out freebies to their friends, try using admin settings in your POS and track them down. Watch them pour the liquor and check if they really are missing a drink or two. This is an amazing way to see if your bartender rings up all the drinks they make, and your software will notify you if there’s something wrong at the end of the day.

Poor Management Is Causing Under pricing

The prices of your drink depend on the ingredient prices. Of course, if your management is poorly done and no one checks the new price list in time, you’ll face under pricing – selling the drinks for way too cheap.

Well, with a good POS system, you’ll spend roughly up to 10 minutes to check your inventory and update the menu. It won’t require a lot of effort and you’ll quickly rid your business of the under pricing worry.

Shift Drinking Became A Problem In Your Bar

Not only your customer may have a free drink that no one rings up, but it can also be a troublesome bartender who got used to shift drinking. Whether it’s something you prohibit or allow, you should keep track of how much liquor is being used at times like this.

Let your bartender have two or three free drinks but still track your inventory with POS. Pay attention to the fact that your staff might not ring up their drinks or over pour, benefiting from your personal and bar losses. With specialized software, you can diagnose if the lack of registered drink is based on theft in particular or something like discounts and freebies.

There Are Errors In Orders

It’s hard to train new employees and even harder to track what mistakes they are making. You always feel the bitterness of the situation when your reports have errors and your budget shrinks.
The cause of it can be a new waiter or bartender pouring a different drink or using different ingredients with a similar name. They pour expensive liquor but ring up a cheaper one. Customizable POS reports can let you know which employee made a mistake and what they did wrong.

Cash Flow Is Huge And Causes Employee Theft

You can doubt it any time, but it’s true that some staff members love to hide and steal some cash at the end of the working day. While you can use reports figuring out if there’s employee theft happening at your place, there is another feature to help you out.

Some POS systems give their owner an opportunity to manage cash drawers freely. You can track individual cash drawers and assign them to particular members of your team and even try the blind closeout feature.

The 21st century presents us with a lot of amazing ways to manage our business, and the POS system is definitely the best one. It’s easy to meet your own goals and track every detail, down to your staff pouring too much into the drink or trying to steal cash from the cash drawers.

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