Solar Eclipse | In Your Own Living Room

It’s a rare event and not many people get to see it during their time here on earth. I am talking about the Solar Eclipse event that happens very rarely. The event is as close to a cataclysmic event that many of us will ever get to experience and it reminds us of how small we are and how little we can do to change things. It’s yet another example of how us humans are bound to the fate of the earth.

But now you can have that exact same feeling, only in a smaller dose. This scaled down solar eclipse designed by IGENdesign is both generating wonderment as well as questions. For the most part, it brings us that little trickle of light at night when we want to read or just lie down in thoughts.

I am talking about a new lamp design that mimics the solar eclipse and brings it into our homes. The designers have called it “Nissyoku”. It’s made up of a core light fixture and two side panels that are solely held to the core by magnets. With a light push you can move these panels any way you would like. This way you can choose for yourself what kind of eclipse you want to create. Or better yet, you choose how much light you want in the room. To turn on the lamp, you simply have to gently touch the inner core metal ring and it will bring you it’s wonderful glory called light.