Sony Eclipse: The Music Gadget That Sticks!

There are so many different gadgets out there now that enable you to play music. It’s a whole overgrown jungle to navigate through in order to find something that will suit you. However, I am not saying it is all junk that can be thrown to the ditches of the wastelands. Sure, some of it is junk, but there’s a new concept of media players that I am sure will get a lot of attention if it’s ever finalized and retailed.

It’s a concept design called Sony Eclipse, and it is the brain child of designers Hoang M Nguyen & Anh Nguyen. It’s a media player that you stick on your window. Why? Well, it’s rather simple really. It draws its power from the sun and stores it for evening pleasures. It makes it the most environmentally friendly media player to date really.

It’s not always easy to explain the nature of an idea, but this one is one of the few that truly has a clear message. Stick it on your window, let it draw the free energy and start enjoying the movies and music before you go to sleep. Make it your evening entertainment system, and you’ll save a ton of money on the electrical bill. Sounds like a good idea to me. If only these concepts would become reality, I am sure we would speed up the restoration process of our little plush planet.

There is also an iPhone dock possibility to it, not to mention the screen saver store where you can download a bunch of great artwork and whatnot… there seems to be a lot of thought behind it. Props!