Sony Ericsson Codename “Kiki”

There are news that there is a phone being developed by Sony Ericsson, here is what mobil has released:

Sony Ericsson calls it a ”purity product”, and its codename is ”Kiki”. The surface is influenced by an unusual structure and only a few keys; the design is nothing like we’ve previously seen from Sony Ericsson.

The display seems to be made of glass, and the screen image appears to be projected onto this glass surface. It makes it possible to create a sort of depth in the screen image, and it looks rather exciting. We’re very much looking forward to seeing more of this.

We currently don’t have any specific information about the features of this phone, and the design doesn’t offer a lot of hints. There isn’t any visible camera on the phone, and the screen icons seem to prove that it isn’t a particularly advanced mobile phone.

We’ll naturally follow up on the case, when more information about the phone is available.