Sony Walkman vs iPod

The BBC released a really interesting article where they took an average 13yr old boy and swapped him a standard 1980’s Sony Walkman for his iPod, Touch for a week!  It’s amazing to think that some people never experienced cassette tapes, or the fact that you had to turn them over because there was another side to listen to.

He reports about it like a relic from distant times, as if it had been dug up from some murky archaeological site and he has to examine it.  I still remember buying my first CD like it was yesterday.

When the CD Walkman came out, I was envious of friend who had one – I mean you could play CDs where ever you were! Unless you were walking, jogging, in a car, bus, train, ferry, breathing… Well you could pretty much listen to one anywhere you were as long as you didn’t move (which made the CD Skip).  By the time they figured out how to fix this there was a new solution…

What ever happened to the MiniDisc Revolution, do you remember that advert?

I had a Sony mini disk Walkman, still have it in my draw, it was flippin awesome.  The digital record quality was excellent, using the optical fiber connection,  and you could get a good amount of  tunage on a disk… But with the invention of MP3 players, it was soon blown out of the water.

Obviously the quality of MP3 and its size is just a perfect solution. In Mp3 format you can hold an entire Beatles discography, for example, and have it on shuffle in your cars CD player…

Seeing a young lad explaining the Walkman like it was some alien device makes me feel quite old to be honest lol

You can read the article here: