Cassette Conversion Gadget Ports Songs To iPhone

I remember back in the day when I had literary stacks of cassettes. I kept them in tidy racks on the wall and even dusted them off about once a week in order to keep them nice and clean. The cases usually got scratched pretty easily, and we’d all keep switching our favorite cassette’s case with the one that looked new and shiny. If I remember right, we could even buy new cases to switch out our old ones. What did you do with your cassettes? Where are they now? Are they in the basement in a box somewhere? Did you throw them away when the compact disc got popular? Well, if you still have them, this cassette conversion gadget is going to make you a very happy camper.

There are not very many conversion solutions available for old mediums like the vinyl and the cassette these days. Like with any medium, the cassette is slowly becoming extinct. This cassette conversion gadget could at least capture that awesome and somewhat nostalgic sound and put it right into your iPhone or iPod (possibly even into your iPad as well).

This nifty little device called The Cassette To iPod Converter is what every cassette adventurer should have in their possession. The cassette conversion is from cassette to MP3 format, and it is of course playable on any device after conversion. However, this gadget enables you to convert a cassette directly to your iPod, which by all means is a great time optimizer.

It’s not particularly expensive either. For just $79.95, you will have the opportunity to take on cassette conversion like a boss. It’s made available by Hammacher Schlemmer and is every cassette wielding music fanatics wet dream. It’s perfect for a little retrofication when the sound of a cassette is less and less present in your life. Slip that cassette into the device, press the cassette conversion button and just marvel at the wonders of technology. You’ll be rolling with those cassette tunes in no time at all.

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Via: [Gizmodiva]