Spam Bots – Are They Dangerous?

Modern technologies let people create their own websites in order to offer their services online, push their goods, render assistance, etc. However, more and more of them face such problem as spam comments, offers, and orders which often lead to missing meaningful comments written by real people. Spambots send messages on both private and corporate emails making website owners search for the best way to protect themselves online.

Nevertheless, it’s not always an option to add CAPTCHA protection on the website, since the visitors are often annoyed by it. So how is it possible for you to protect your website against spam and lose no customers?

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Steps You Should Take

If you want to protect your website against spam and minimize spam comments, bookings and offers, then it’s definitely worth getting familiar with spam email database which will let you figure out whether one or another comment is written by a bot or not. Using a spam protection system, it also becomes possible for you to:

  • Remove spam comments and spam users;
  • See messages containing cursing and calling for ethnic hatred immediately;
  • Stop spam bookings, subscriptions, polls, orders, registrations, comments;
  • Protect yourself against cyberbullying and Internet threat;
  • Block a peculiar IP address or block users by country;
  • Protect your website against hacking;
  • Block comments right from private black IP or email address list.

Taking advantage of such a program, it becomes possible for you to only receive meaningful messages from real people and minimize the danger of spam content.

Leave Bots No Chance

Let’s consider a few the most widespread ways to protect your website and yourself online and make your pastime on the Internet more pleasant. Here are some ways which make it possible for you to feel safer online:

  • You may add a checkbox, such a way you’ll protect your site against spam comments as well as prevent comments written by real people being marked as spam.
  • You may also add special fields that only spam bots are able to see. It will be much easier for you to detect spam emails and registration and block the spam bots right away.
  • It’s also possible to use special tools and programs which help you block spam bots. Such programs make it possible for you to easily detect whether one or another comment is fake or not, filter spam emails, stop spam surveys, etc.

Spambots may harm you in lots of diverse ways. They often make it impossible for you to figure out whether the comment is written by a real person or a bot as well as ruin your analytics referral data, may steal content, post ads, identify the possible vulnerabilities of your website and pollute it. That’s exactly why it is essential to protect your website against spam bots which may harm you, your business and your clients.

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