Olly & Molly Twitter Bots Will Reward Retweets With Smell & Candy

Each retweet is always special in a way. It all depends on who retweets you, what they retweet, and also of course at what time it is retweeted. What we all should remember though is that Twitter is not a competition. Sure, if you have a lot of followers, you will see a greater deal of interaction between you and your followers. However, there are also those people out there with hundreds of thousands of followers who almost don’t have any interaction at all from their followers no matter how much they try. A good way to approach it is to just be yourself. I know, it has been said so many times before, but that really is the key to success.

Soon there will be another level of interaction added to your arsenal of rewards for being in the middle where things happen. There is a new product being developed as we speak that is called Olly and Molly. They are two devices that will change the way that you use Twitter quite a lot. So far they are just in the concept stage, and the people behind it are trying to find funding for their idea to take off as a product.

What Olly and Molly will do is reward your retweets with smell and candy. Olly will turn your retweets into smells which could possibly add a new layer of realism to your interaction. As explained in the video, say for example that you get retweeted by your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can have his or her fragrance puffed out to you which will shower you with memories. Molly, on the other hand, will reward you with candy as soon as you get retweeted. Both of these “bots” are so far just connected to Twitter, but there are great plans to allow you to connect them to a bunch of other social networks as well. Soon we’ll be socializing in three dimensions… kind of. You can help finance the development by checking out their progress and donate money to their Kickstarter project.

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Olly And Molly Twitter Bots

Olly And Molly Twitter Bots

Olly And Molly Twitter Bots

Via: [Chip Chick]