Spectrum Customer Support – Keeping Up With The Changing Customer Service Trends

Customer service has evolved considerably over time. There was a time when brands abode by traditional customer servicing tactics, and all they relied on was two things – a telephone and an agent who could engage customers. Now, times have changed. With the advent of high-speed internet, the needs of customers have changed, and so have their expectations from brands.

Speaking of which, Spectrum has embraced the evolution of customer service to win the trust of its customers. With its customer service team that stays ready 24/7 to answer your queries, Spectrum has revolutionized the customer-service game like no other brand out there.

Keeping Up With Customer Service Trends


Why Prioritize Customer Service?

Customers are an essential asset for a brand, and hence brands should place the utmost importance on customer satisfaction. Brands that meet their demise usually do so because they fail to satisfy their customers.

You might not have known this before, but a satisfied customer is most likely to turn into a loyal one. Microsoft believes that customer service plays a significant role in amplifying the loyalty of their customers. In situations where brands give customer service a shorter end of the stick, they end up failing miserably. Okay, we have shed some light on how outstanding customer service is.

Now, let us switch towards discussing the changes that customer service has gone through in all these years. Of course, back in 1993, when Spectrum entered the market as a brand, customer service practices were very different from what they are now. Therefore, it took many brand efforts to reach where it is now. Spectrum embraced all changes to make its customer service top-notch in the country. Here is what Spectrum adopted:

Embracing CRM

A customer’s patience is something that no brand wants to test. Nothing makes customers lose their patience quicker than ‘waiting.’ Since customer service representatives have to answer multiple calls at once, it is obvious that other customers will have to wait until their turn, and you know what happens when customers have to wait.

Thus, to keep the wrath of angry customers at bay, CRM comes to the rescue. With top-notch, fully automated Virtual Agent, Spectrum customer support representatives make sure that customers get instant solutions for their problems, at any time of the day.

Having Cross-Trained Customer Service Representatives

What is better than multitasking, right? To get things done quickly, brands have to go down the route of cross-training their employees and teach them multiple things. Why? Well, let’s understand this with the help of a quick scenario.

Your campaign is running short on time, and there is a lot left to do. Thank God, your agents are multifaceted, and they can run your campaign across emails, text messages, social media platforms, and chats simultaneously.

Phew! Imagine how badly your campaign would’ve failed if your agents had a limited skillset? This is precisely what Spectrum Customer Service representatives do. They are flexible and always ready to serve their customers across multiple platforms so that things keep on progressing smoothly.

Providing Augmented Chat Support

There were 4.39 billion internet users in 2019. Even if a chunk of them wants to chat with you, it is a vast number you need to cater to. Chatting is the easiest way to communicate. Thus, realizing the importance of this mode of communication, brands are using online chat options to converse with their customers and getting their feedback on a real-time basis. Spectrum also offers prompt Chat Support to its customers, so they can have their queries answered in just a matter of a few moments.

Reasons Why Customer Service Is Important

  • Customer service is best for retaining customers. This way, brands don’t end up spending an unnecessary amount on customer acquisition.
  • Customer service is all about brand image. It is one of the best ways to represent your brand to your customers and staying connected with them. How customer support representatives deal with distressed customers and how they influence their minds, everything affects the image of a brand.
  • Effective customer service encourages customers to remain loyal. When brands take measures to keep checking on their customers via customer service, customers feel as though their opinion matters and they are essential.

How is Spectrum Doing In Keeping Up With The Trends?

To survive in the market that is already swarming with the competition, brands need to have fully functional customer support. Companies like Spectrum that go the extra mile and work towards improving the experience of its customers, inevitably do great in the future. Therefore, if you want to judge a brand by how it’s performing, judge it by the way it takes care of its customers.

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