How To Stay Anonymous Online – Tips And Tricks [Infographic]

There is a growing need for online privacy; I think we can all agree on that. I would dare to say that most people don’t even know how much of their personal information actually gets recorded and stored when they are browsing the Internet. I am not going to sit here and tell you everything is bad. Your online experience is to some extent enhanced by the ability to access your personal information. However, some of the information accessed are used for third party revenue income and tracking in general. This is the reason why so many people want to stay anonymous online.

There are also many reasons why you should use an IP checker to see what information you are sharing when you’re browsing the Internet. For example, there are a surprisingly large amount of people that don’t know that by just using your IP address anyone is able to pinpoint your exact location, what Internet provider you are using and a whole lot more. When a hacker knows your exact location they can easily get hold of all your personal information. Even your name, address, phone number and it doesn’t really have to stop there. Is this information something that you really want anyone to have access to? Most people would, of course, say no and that it is incredibly creepy.

In order to stay anonymous a lot of people have turned to various solutions that make their online activities completely secure. One of the most popular ways to stay anonymous on the Internet is to use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

A VPN is designed to provide a secure, encrypted tunnel in which you can, for example, transmit data between a remote user and a company network. [pullquote]There is a growing concern that even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is spying on your Internet activities without your knowledge and this is something that most people feel is a violation of personal privacy.[/pullquote] When you use a VPN, you completely block any outside snooping.

If you are among the people that want to stay anonymous on the Internet, then have a look at the infographic below. It is called “5 Ways To Use Your VPN” and it will shed some light on what benefits you will harness when using a VPN. Using a VPN has so far been deemed the most secure of the methods available.

It’s a known fact that booking sites use your Internet history to increase the price of their flights, rooms etc. Research has shown that if you browse the Internet incognito you will be presented with prices that are often way lower than they would have been if you browsed the Internet the regular way. Perhaps this is something to think about when you are looking to save a few bucks when traveling.

There are, of course, pros and cons with any approach that involves not browsing the Internet the regular way. However, in the end, you have to determine whether keeping your personal information safe or increasing your download speed is more important.

For an extensive overview of the best VPN providers online check this article. If you have experience using a VPN and would like to share it with our readers, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. It would be great to get a conversation going so that we all can stay safe online.

3 Ways To Stay Anonymous On The Internet

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