Steampunk Makeover: Nokia 2330 Never Looked So Geeky!

Now when pretty much everything has been airbrushed, modded and steampunked by the world, we thought there were nothing else that could be added to the list. But once again, we were wrong. Maybe it’s just time to realize that there will always be something cooler around the corner. It’s just how technology works. If you think you have the coolest, most modded, kitted or customized cellphone in the world I can tell you, without hesitation, that you do not.

This Nokia model modded by designer Ivan Mavrović is one of the geekiest little gadgets I have seen all week. It’s something of a miracle really. The buttons, speaker, microphone and even the screen has been modified to fit the extraordinary look of a steampunk cellphone. Don’t be fooled by the rugged look though. The phone is fully working and nothing has been compromised. Every feature that this Nokia cellphone had prior to the makeover it, it still has after it.

Ivan has delivered some rather awesome modifications in the past, and this one is just an example of his remarkable skills to turn something modern into something beautiful, old, and yet still functional. He’s modded a lot of things, and his art is respected all over the world. I can’t but marvel over the enormous creativity this holds, and if there was a chance to get my hands on one of these, I wouldn’t even hesitate to collect it. It’s amazing and brilliant in every way.

Source: [The Steampunk Workshop]