How To Take A Step Into The Future With  Wireless Displays

Wires have always been a minor annoyance, but to remove them completely is a different ball game. Recent studies have shown that people tend to work better in unconventional plug and play workspaces like corridors and even open spaces under the stairs. Technology is the driving factor for this trend and going wireless is one of the biggest reasons for it.  Here’s how you can take a step into the future with wireless displays.

The two main issues when implementing a wireless solution are efficiency and latency. Latency occurs when there is a delay between the content that is being transferred and the content that is being received. The question of efficiency comes into the picture with wireless chargers and earphones.

But with advancements in technology, these problems are becoming fewer and their advantages are slowly outweighing their disadvantages. That is the reason why wireless displays and screen mirroring solutions have made such an impact in schools, meeting rooms, startups, scaleups and more.

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Advantages Of Wireless Displays

The most obvious advantage of using a wireless display is the aesthetic appeal. Since there are no wires required to project content on to the screen, there is absolutely no need for  HDMI cables, VGA cables or any other cable for that matter. With the removal of cables, it becomes easier to maintain and present in the meeting room.

According to a study by K2Space, one of the emerging office design trends of 2018 is the introduction of an open collaborative space. Collaborative space is not just a fancy term for a meeting room. They are neatly arranged spaces with soft seating. They also contain screens with sharing capabilities that allow multiple people to easily share and collaborate.

Airtame is a highly portable wireless screen mirroring solution that can elevate the sharing capabilities of any wireless display. This is especially true for an office environment which will have multiple devices running on various operating systems. The device can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV or projector and you can connect to it using the Airtame app.

You can do this for any sort of device – whether you run Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Plus,  you can present content from Apple and Android mobiles.

The whole idea behind a collaborative space has been around for quite a while, but the way in which it is placed is of utmost importance. Such a space would be centrally located and can be seen by every person in the office. This promotes transparency while collaborating and sharing ideas.

Imagine using a product like Airtame in such a space. When not in use, the wireless display can be used to display custom dashboards and signage that showcases the important milestones of the company or some recent achievements. During collaborative tasks like team building events, sprint meetings or project meetings, Airtame with its simplified approach to screen mirroring will allow multiple presenters to present on the fly with almost no downtime.

They say that the future is wireless and wireless displays are definitely the way to go. But a  wireless display on its own is like a bird without wings. For it to really take off, it needs to have a great mirroring solution. Airtame is the perfect example of this as it is form efficient and packed with features.

The factors that make a huge difference for the Airtame is its platform-agnostic nature and the use of an app to implement screen mirroring. A lot of other screen mirroring solutions require a transmitter and receiver to be used along with wireless displays, but the Airtame is a cut above them.

There are quite a few screen mirroring solutions in the market today, but with the Airtame,  you don’t just get a screen mirroring solution, but rather a complete package. You can showcase different performance dashboards on your screens when they are not being used. Airtame also has its own cloud management tool through which IT admins can configure and monitor multiple Airtames remotely. This becomes very prominent when a  company has offices in multiple locations. There is no need for multiple IT admins as all the devices can be monitored and configured remotely through the tool from any location.

Airtame also releases frequent updates which means that they’re continuously working on adding new features and delivering the perfect experience. With its latest firmware update, Airtame has developed new apps with Unsplash, Trello, World Clock, and Google Slides that will really take the digital signage experience to a whole new level.

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