Stoplight Stress Reliever – Brilliant New Design

Since I’m one of those people that usually pushes time to the very last second, and I’m on the borderline of running late for almost everything, I really don’t like sitting at red traffic lights.

It’s not so much the sitting there idling that bothers me; it’s more the anticipation of when it will turn green. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how long that light was going to be red? Not only would we free ourselves from the madness and stress of that anticipation, but we could also turn off our cars so that we don’t burn so much fuel since we would know exactly when to start them again, right before the light changes.

Designer Damjan Stankovic has the solution. He designed a red light that has a progress bar so you can see exactly how much time it will be until it changes to green. I love this. It’s called the Eko stoplight, and it’s brilliant! Apparently some other countries have a digital timer above the light, but I’ve never seen that here in the States. I think this design would promote safer driving, it would cut down on stress, and best of all, it would be better for the environment. I give it two thumbs up! You can find out more about this design by visiting Damjan’s website here.