Stoplight In Germany Now Offers Pong Gaming While Waiting

So you are out walking in the city, and you need to cross the street. What do you do? Well, of course you stop, hit the button that will make the traffic stop and then you just stand there like a tree waiting. I guess that is usually how you go about crossing a street in a busy city, but that’s not the case all around the world. One approach is to wait for traffic to slow down and then just run across the street without bothering to push the button at all. That is highly unadvised of course. That approach will probably come back to bite you in the behind. Nah, it’s much cooler to play Pong while waiting at the stoplight, wouldn’t you agree? Wait, what? Yeah, it so happens that in Germany there exists a pretty neat little invention which allows you to play pong with the person on the other side of the street while you are waiting.

It’s the ultimate public gaming experience if you ask me. However, I have to say that even though the whole concept is incredibly cool, and I would totally want to check it out, it seems to be superimposed into the video somehow. Is it just me that feels the yellow is just a little bit too yellow for the video itself? I don’t know, but if it is a legit video, and if this awesome Pong game is really a legit public game then I think all stoplights should provide gaming experiences. It would definitely be a much more fun way to spend your time while waiting.

My thoughts suddenly start to linger onto other games that would be suitable for this kind of incorporation. Maybe there is a way to have these in elevators too? The genius part of this stoplight public gaming experience is that you would connect, if just for about 30 seconds, with a complete stranger through a game of Pong. Maybe this is the new approach to social gaming. People out in public could just hit up a game at the stoplight and then high five each other on the walk across the street. I don’t know, what do you think? Would you want to try it?

Stoplight Pong Gaming Experience


Via: [WhatTheCool]