Study: iPhone, Android & BlackBerry Users Ranked On Optimism

Think about all the iPhone and iPad users you know. Now think about the Android and BlackBerry users you know. Which group is the happiest, most fun, spunky one to hang out with? Yeah, I know, I noticed that too! I’ve always thought in the back of my mind that iPhone users seem to be happier, and now there is research to back that up, sort of.

The reason I say “sort of” is because this study is based on people attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas at the moment. I will leave it to you to determine whether or not that sampling of people represents mobile gadget users everywhere. For the purpose of this article, we will assume it does.

According to this press release published yesterday, Gazelle (the largest consumer electronics direct-to-consumer reCommerce service in the States) announced the results of their survey which they conducted at the show. They were mainly trying to determine whether or not there is a correlation between optimism and pessimism based on which smartphone people choose to use.

Their findings reveal that iPhone users are the most optimistic of all. They like spending time with their friends, and they don’t get upset easily. Android users tend to be the workaholics of the group (the majority think it’s important to stay busy). Last but not least, BlackBerry users tend to be quite a depressing bunch. Dang, I’m kind of glad now that I don’t know any BlackBerry users. The specific results of Gazelle’s study are below. So, what do you think? Does this match your personality?

Optimism Pessimism Smartphone Poll

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Via: [Venture Beat] Image Credit: [DeviantART / Drewiworth]