Stylish Dual Music Player: MP3 And CD Player In One!

When I travel, I make sure that I have my iPod with me, especially during long flights. I know a lot of you guys do that as well. It always helps, especially when the flights are delayed. I tend to lean towards music as a source of entertainment rather than movies when traveling. Most of us have a collection of music stashed in our computers and MP3 players, and of course, there are still some of us who have CDs.

Often times, what we do is convert the audio files from our CDs so that we can store the music on our iPods. However, often times due to our busy schedules, we are not able to do this and the CDs are left unplayed. I found a very cool dual music player over at Yanko Design. It is an MP3 and CD player in one, designed by Yong-Seong Kim. Now you don’t have to worry about finding time to transfer or convert your CD music collection. Play your music any way you like it!

Image Credit: [Sergej Khakimullin / ShutterStock]