ZEN Mp3 Players: Not Only Apple Makes It Small And Sexy

When Apple announced the iPod several years ago, it was clear that people all over the world were going to change the way they listen to music. However, since there haven’t been any real competitors that would rival the, in Apple’s words, “cool and sexyness” of the iPod, and later, the iPhone, it has become the standard which has clouded our eyes from looking further into the horizon for new and groundbreaking technology and design. So far, there is a clear group of fans that tend to either fan every single Apple product or the less mainstream Zune, ZEN and many more.

The newest ZEN concept mp3 players, 2 in numbers, doesn’t fall in the category of “seen it, don’t believe in it.” The Grasp and Water mp3 players are anything but boring and truly speak the same language that Apple has for so long called sexy and functional. These new concept music players are both small and easy to use, and even though they are not Apple products, they deliver the same feeling.

Even though it’s hard to beat the iPod Shuffle and even the iPod Nano, there are still plenty of mp3 players out there that are worth checking into. Sometimes I believe we are too comfortable with the products that Apple launches to the degree that we no longer care to look beyond their technology. After all, the world is full of ingenious people that constantly bust out tomorrow’s technologies way before Apple. Apple just has the promotion power to get it out to the widest audience. That’s all. Open your eyes, and you’ll see even more exciting technology hitting the market every day. Designer: Li Qing