Sunlight Printing Now Possible With Breakthrough Technology From Lumi

With all the talk about 3D printing constantly feeding our screens, it’s easy to forget all the other advances in technology that are being achieved. It doesn’t even have to be within technology. There are many things that affect our lives, and some that are just fresh approaches to things we have already been able to do for quite some time. One of those things is definitely a “breakthrough” in sunlight printing that comes from Lumi.

Sunlight printing is nothing new. It has been around for quite some time, but not in the format that it’s being brought to us right now. This method of sunlight printing, also referred to as Cyanotype, is a way to harness the UV light source which in combination with a potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate solution etches the preferred print onto a fabric (or any other absorbing surface). What Lumi has been able to achieve is a formula that allows different colors as well as faster sunlight printing times.

Lumi was looking to raise money to make sure they can buy supplies in higher volumes in order to make it all profitable. This is where Kickstarter came in. Lumi was looking to raise $50,000 during their fundraising period. The Kickstarter project is now complete and they have successfully managed to raise over $268.000! That should say something about how popular this product is going to become.

Printing on textiles, especially clothes, has always been a tricky business. Now all that might change thanks to the development of a more efficient sunlight printing solution from Lumi. I can easily see all kinds of prints being sold through Etsy and even displayed as a part of a marketing campaign on Pinterest. There are literally unlimited possibilities with this product. Suddenly everyone can have their very own print on their t-shirt (or whatever textile they want). No longer will you have to walk around in the same t-shirt as the person who just passed you by on the street. This way, you can always feel unique and cool. Now let me ask, what would you print on your shirt using this sunlight printing method?

Lumi’s Sunlight Printing Solution