Wins This Year’s Mälardalens University’s Innovation Competition has been named one of the winners of Mälardalens University’s yearly innovation competition. This prestigious award is given to innovations or businesses that have shown exceptional creativity and innovation in their field. is a watch enthusiast’s blog that strives to give the best and most up-to-date information to people looking for watches to buy. The goal of is not only to inform you about the latest watches but also to make sure that your experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

As Nicholas Isaacs, one of the creators, puts it, “Our goal is to become the go-to marketplace for anyone looking to make a watch purchase.” This highly prestigious award recognizes the most innovative and promising ideas or new businesses at the University, and is thrilled to have been recognized in this way.

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According to Nicholas Isaacs, the mistake of buying the “wrong” watch drove him to create a solution that would help prevent other consumers from going through what he experienced. He says, “To celebrate my 25th birthday, I decided to buy myself a nice watch. I went into a well-known watch store. The salesman was very convincing that the watch was a great choice.”

He adds that he loved the watch at first. However, after about one year, when his watch’s crown suddenly fell off, his feelings for the timepiece changed so drastically. He explains that he sent it for service, but before the watch was even repaired, he already had plans of selling it.

He was in for a nasty surprise, realizing that just by losing the crown; the watch had already lost its value by an excess of 30 percent. He explains that his first watch was a just a disaster since it turned out not as he hoped for. By creating, Nicholas Isaacs and Igor Radovanovic believe that many other watch enthusiasts will be saved from such nasty experiences.

Igor & Nicholas Thoughts On The Ideal Approach For Buying A Watch

The creators of, Nicholas Isaacs and Igor Radovanovic, have thought long and hard about the best way to buy a watch. They believe that the traditional way of going into a store and trusting the salesperson’s opinion is not the ideal way, but instead comparing two or more offers at before making up your mind would be a better way to go.

According to Nicholas, the value of a watch isn’t constant but tends to vary widely depending on the watch’s condition. The other factors that may influence the watch’s value and those which consumers should be aware of are the year of production, the currency you’ve bought it, and most importantly, if the watch was a limited edition or not.

More On The Competition

Mälardalens University’s yearly innovation competition is a highly respected and sought-after award. The competition is open to students, staff, professors, and researchers at the University. The most important metrics are economic sustainability, competitiveness, societal benefit, the height of ideas and innovation, market size, and sustainability. The contest is open to all University employees, researchers, professors, and students.

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