Take Your SEO To The Next Level With These Tricks To Improve Your Content

An effective SEO plan is the key to a brand’s success. Don’t be scared by SEO, it is actually quite easy to tackle, it just takes perseverance. There are a few simple ways you can improve your SEO, and it all starts just by improving your content.

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High-Quality Content

Yes, it all starts with high-quality and compelling content. This is going to be the backbone of your SEO plan’s success. Without good content, you don’t have much to offer in terms of SEO.

Engaging pieces that will attract an audience is just one way to use your content to improve your SEO. Another way is for it to be recognized by Google. Fresh and relevant content is something that Google loves, so make sure you are being consistent with your content. Not only will you get recognized more on search engines, but it will also draw in more visitors to your site.

Writing fresh and consistent content is just part of the plan. You also need to take things a step further and make sure your content is formatted correctly. This is where heading tags are going to play an important role in your content.

H1 Tags

Why H1 tags? They will be seen by users and search engines. Do your best to include the main target keyword in your H1 tag and stick to just one per page.

H2 Tags

Long-form content can benefit from using H2 tags, which will separate your content into mini-chapters.

H3 Tags

To break up content, even more, use H3 tags as additional subheadings. These tags will make content easier to read, bringing more value to your readers.

Don’t Forget The Images

Your content needs to include images that are optimized for SEO as well. Yes, visual images can also be recognized by Google! You will need to begin with using relevant images and placing them in the proper section of your content, sometimes even near the keyword to help it rank higher.

Avoid using too large of images, which will take long to load. The caption of your image needs to be attention-grabbing and include specific keywords that are similar to your headlines. Why? Image captions are usually read 300 percent more than the article.

Not only do you need to name the image accordingly, but you also need to include an image alt tag. This is different than the name of the image. Describe the image in a few short words (under 125 words) in the image alt tag so that it is understood by search engines.

High-Quality Backlinks

Even though quality content is the backbone of a successful SEO campaign, the real trick is high-quality backlinks. What are backlinks? Simply put, they are links that are placed on other sites that lead back to your site. The more links on other sites, the higher your rankings. However, always be mindful of which sites you are posting backlinks on. Always choose high-quality sites with decent traffic.

Go The Extra Mile

If you really want to take your SEO seriously, there are a couple of extra tricks you can do to see even better SEO results.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones are used more than ever and Google reports that around 61 percent of their searches come from mobile phones. With people using phones more and more to access websites, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile usage.

Video Content

Even though people love good content, they also love video content. In fact, around 85 percent of businesses are using video content in their marketing plans. So, to keep up with the competition, you should start adding video content to your website and blog posts. This content not only spices up your website but is also more engaging.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media use is at an all-time high, so that means you need your brand to be visible on social media! And not just with ads. You need to be creating a social media presence that engages with your customers. Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to create a whole new line of communication to your audience.

Use An Experienced Marketing Agency

We get it, SEO can be confusing and a lot of work. This is why it is best to hire a Phoenix SEO agency that specializes in SEO and knows what they are doing. The right agency should be complete with skilled web developers, writers, and graphic designers to help your website gain more traffic and your brand stand out among the competition.

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