TCL introduces 3D TV without the glasses!

Avatar, as reported earlier opened up Pandora’s box when it comes to 3D experiences both in the cinema as well as on your home television. James Cameron truly brought the game up to another level and every television manufacturer is incorporating software as well as hardware to convert 2D movies into 3D movies in their upcoming television sets. In all of these cases you need to wear those heavily stylish (NOT) glasses in order to get the experience intended.

Well, not so much anymore. TCL, a company who’s research has brought them to discover a simple way to make your TV work as an entire 3D solution enabling you to not having to wear those glasses at all. Their solution is a thin overlay on the screen which does one part of the conversion while software handles the second part of the conversion. The end result is a wide angle 3D experience without having to wear those pesky 3D glasses.

The technology is not yet on the market but it’s certainly in development and they expect it to be available in 12-18 months from now. This means that Sony, Panasonic and all the rest might be investing their money on a losing game. At least if you’re asking the developer and scientist behind the technology. I hope they truly start incorporating this layer seamlessly on all TV sets as it will certainly make the home movie theater so much better. And, this without you having to sit around at home wearing a pair of funny glasses in order to be able to fully enjoy the experience.

Besides, I am sure the experience will be much deeper when not wearing those glasses as a large part of your visual field is no longer obscured by the framing of the glasses themselves. I would put a couple of bucks down for this concept to be the winner in the now ongoing race to find the best 3D experience both in the theater as well as home.