Tech Fashion: Style and Life Saving Function in One!

Do you like to live dangerously? Some people like a little danger in their life, it gives them a rush of adrenaline. Some find riding motorcycles more conducive to their lifestyle. I grew up riding a motor bike at the age of 8.

My dad had a collection of luxury bikes including two BMWs and several for racing. He never raced, but he liked the feel of the wind on his face, and the rush he got when he went really, really fast. Not only was my dad into it, my brother was too. One time, my brother got into a motorcycle accident. Good thing it wasn’t that bad, but he did get a lot of bruises, and he had to get his chin stitched up. I remember he got about fifteen stitches, ouch! The worst part was that he was grounded for 2 months. Luckily my dad was very strict with us, and he made us wear protective gear and a helmet when we rode.

However, it can be a hassle sometimes to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. It ruins the hair, making it flat and unflattering. But there is nothing we can do about it, right? After all, the laws now prohibit bikers to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Thanks to technology, designers and manufacturers are making an effort to come up with products that are stylish as well as functional in terms of safety. I found two which are I think are really awesome. The one on the left below is the Inflatable Helmet that has an airbag support. The mechanism is triggered on impact, so you can wear the collar with your favorite outfit and an Airbag Jacket that can withstand shock and impact.

Via [Toxel]