The Tech Millennial Generation

Less than two decades ago, it was impossible to keep children in the house. If you happened to walk around the estates or in parks, you were sure to bump into children either riding bicycles, chasing each other or playing other games such as hide-and-seek.

These areas were always full of life because of the noise that used to emanate from these tiny creatures. You would always find mothers and household managers trying to get these kids into the house when it started getting dark, and it was such a struggle you would almost pity them. This is, however, very contrary to the situation nowadays.

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What has changed such that we no longer see many children outside? Why have the parks become so isolated? The answer lies in a simple world: video games. Tech experts have found a way of incorporating all these games that were played outside into tiny devices that one can play as long as you own a computer. Do you want to play soccer?

There is a video game called FIFA whose version is upgraded yearly. You don’t do fancy physical wrestling; you need only to find a game called Assassin’s Creed and fight at the comfort of your home. Nowadays there are games of every kind. They are easily downloaded through the phones and can keep one busy for hours.

This technology has been embraced by the young generation so much that parents, at times, have to take away their phones and video games to get them to do their homework or house chores. However, does this mean that technology has helped raise introverts? Not necessarily. In this current era we live in, technology is more like a necessary evil. It all depends on how you chose to use it.

Benefits Of Technology

The advancement in technology has resulted in numerous advantages. They include:

Ease Of Communication

We would still be communication via letters and post offices were it not for technological advancements. This has been rescued by the invention of mobile phones and applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook. It is possible nowadays to communicate with someone on another continent through modern technology.

Laptops and computers have now become a necessity instead of a luxury, especially for students. Lecturers can now send notes via email to all students and students who are running behind on school work can access online essay helper services easily and order essay papers at the comfort of their homes.

Video Games Enhance Critical Thinking

When playing games that have been developed by tech geniuses, they are not as straight forward as those you would play in the park. One is, therefore forced to think outside the box to rescue themselves from difficult situations. This encourages one to do so even when faced with real-life situations.

Improvement In The Health Sector

There has been a very major impact of technology on the health sector. We now have machines that can scan someone and detect an abnormality within the internal organs. Nowadays, expectant mothers can know whether their yet to be born babies are healthy through these scans.

This technology also enables one to determine the sex of the fetus. Parents can, therefore, plan accordingly for their children instead of buying girls’ clothes to end up with a baby boy. The creation of incubators has enabled prematurely born children to be kept comfortable until they are ready to be released to the outside world. This is just one example of the major milestones that have been made in the medical world.

Improved Safety

The invention of CCTV cameras that can be placed anywhere from major highways to homes has enabled the police force to catch thieves and lawbreakers easily. There are also trackers that can nowadays be installed in any device from cars to mobile phones. Once stolen, one can easily trace their location and aid in faster recovery.

Instead of always pushing scholars to be good at math, sciences, or languages, it is about time we embraced technology too as an important subject. Computer classes in school should be as mandatory as any other subject.

Tech courses should be readily available in all colleges and their fee moderated to affordable standards, just like any other course. Technology is here to stay, and it is the only thing that keeps advancing on a day to day basis. We ought to embrace it and encourage those upcoming geniuses. We never know when one might discover a cure for any terminal disease.

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