Techie LED Matrix Glasses Will Hypnotize Anyone

One of the coolest aspects of working with tech trends is that you always get to see the trippy stuff right when it is created. What I mean is that as soon as something hits the Internet, there is a great chance that it is either sent to us by a reader, or someone tells us about it. That alone keeps us on the living edge of tech pretty much 24/7. Of course, it also depends on how much time we have to check it all out, but usually we dig through everything that comes into our inbox. The coolest things get the speed patch, and the rest go into the archives so that we can pull them out if we feel inspired to write about them in a day or two. As I said, it all depends on the room available on the site and how much time we have to write about it.

One of the cool tech things that we just have to feature are the LED Matrix Glasses that Garrett Mace created for his local maker fair. If you ever saw the glasses that Lady Gaga sported in the beginning of her successful career, you might have gotten addicted to tech glasses. These do not have TV screens in them, but they do actually sport some rather insanely cool sinus waves that will probably hypnotize anyone into looking straight into your eyes.

These glasses, which are made up of 20 x 6 LED lights, are driven by SPI from an integrated Arduino-compatible. The fact that Garrett actually managed to incorporate this highly technical solution into a pair of glasses is just beyond me. It’s some major micro building that just has to be called epic. I am sure he will get some requests for future glasses from every imaginable pop star out there. They do make for a pretty cool image, if you ask me. I have no clue whether Garrett is planning to sell these things, or if this was just a one-off project that he wanted to accomplish. If they are for sale, I definitely have to have a look at them.



Via: [Technabob]