Techie Powers: Future Superpowers Of Mobile Phones [Infographic]

If you are a smartphone user, I am quite sure you have your favorite application on that device of yours. Angry Birds is a popular one, but there are of course hundreds of thousands of other applications, and we don’t all have the same taste. Today we use our cell phones for pretty much everything. We document, take photographs, play games and of course work on it. It’s the ultimate universal device for pretty much everything according to some people. If someone were to hide your phone for just a day, I am sure you would feel not only handicapped but also quite naked. We keep everything on our phones after all.

However, what will we use in the future? Will our cell phones be infinitely powerful and do things that we can’t even comprehend today? Of course it’s impossible to know, but I think they will become our whole life (if they aren’t already). We’ll keep everything on them, and they will most likely house our identification, bank access, house keys and a whole lot more. There is really no end to what it can be used for in the foreseeable future.

The big question is, what will the apps of the future will be like and what powers they will unleash? Spring Creek Group and Column Five have put together an infographic showing what our smartphones will be capable of, and what people believe will be their powers. The result is an amusing yet interesting look into the future and what our lives will be like. As technology progresses, we are going to see some major breakthroughs which I think will marvel us as much as the iPhone once did. What do you think the future holds for us as far as smartphones and applications go?

Techie Powers Of Future Smartphones