A Technical Review Of Conference Calling By Vast Conference

While there are many conference calling services available on the web, Conference Calling by Vast Conference continues to receive high user ratings and excellent critical reviews. The easy to use interface and numerous features set the service apart from competitors. Here we’ve provided a review of the service so you can see exactly why it continues to rank so highly.

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Features And Extras

The service offers conference calling services via its web-based platform. You can either choose an operator-assisted call, a pre-scheduled call, or even a reservationless conference call.

A single click allows you to start or join a call, making the process simple for all users. The connection process is quick, and your call will be hosted with excellent audio quality and quick response times.

Each of the callers gets a unique number, so there’s never any confusion with other users about which call they’re supposed to be on. Everyone will arrive at the same call with crystal clear audio quality.

The service also allows you to create a customizable greeting for your callers. Once the call has started, the host can use the web interface to manage the call. There, the host can disconnect, mute, or host a Q&A session.

You can also control the call directly from the keypad, meaning that wherever you are, you’ll have complete control over your call and its participants.

With reservationless calling, you can host an instant conference call with up to 500 people. That’s right, 500 people can be on your call at once. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever need that much space, it’s advantageous to have it just in case.

You can also record and download your calls (for quality assurance or review) at no additional cost, which sets the service apart from some of its competitors. Often, a conference calling service will issue an additional charge to download your phone call.

This service is a 24/7 service, so you won’t have to worry about matching up time zones. You can host a call for up to 500 users, any time, from anywhere in the world.

Pricing And Plans

Whether you want to buy a monthly subscription to the service or pay as you go, both options are provided by Vast Conference. Monthly plans charge a flat rate for a certain number of users, but you can host as many meetings as you need to throughout the month.

For a one month subscription for up to ten people, the price is $12.49 per month. That allows unlimited calls but only ten users per call. If you’re looking to add up to one hundred users per call, the price is $19.99 per month.

The service offers screen sharing and video conference calling as well as the option to save 20% on the price of your plans by choosing annual billing. If you’re looking for a service of up to 500 participants, you’ll want to choose the Enterprise plan. The pricing is custom, so you’ll have to choose what you want before you’ll get a price.

For dial-in services, the cost is about three cents per minute per caller. The service has an outreach of around eighty countries, so you should have no trouble connecting wherever you may be in the world.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a paid plan, you can try the service free during a 14-day free trial. You’ll be able to use the service in its entirety and get a good idea of the features and functions before you buy.

Screen Sharing Function

The service does offer a great screen sharing option for customers to share their desktop with other users. If you’re giving a presentation, offering technical support, or otherwise providing a demo, screen sharing software is an easy way to show your clients or employees exactly what you’re talking about.

You can screen share quickly without downloading any extra software, and you can even send invites that synchronize with your calendar, so you’ll know who exactly you’re screen sharing with, and when.

The screen sharing is hosted in full HD, so you can be sure that no details will be missed due to low-quality video. You can send files across the platform, and chat in the provided chat window. Overall, this service is a great extra to integrate with your conference calling package.

Screen sharing pricing ranges from the Essentials Plan at $12.49 per month for up to 10 people, to the Standard Plan, which is $19.99 per month for up to 100 people.

No Mobile App Integration

The only real downside to the service is the lack of a mobile application. You’ll have to connect via a web browser, but with the global reach, excellent pricing, and quality calls, this is definitely not a dealbreaker, and you can still access the service via your mobile device’s web browser.


Vast Conference provides a service that is easy to use, reasonably priced, and offers good quality audio and video. With a global reach of about 80 countries, you’ll be connected anywhere in the world.

Although it lacks a mobile app, you can connect via an internet browser directly from your phone or desktop, or call the specialized phone number provided to each user. Never worry about connectivity issues with Vast Conference, as the HD services are backed by excellent operators who are dedicated to assisting customers with any issues.

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