Technological Revolution: What & Where It Is [Infographic]

Ever since I was a kid, I have been insanely inspired by gadgets. It’s like a fix I get when I get to try out something entirely new or when some new technology comes along that makes our lives easier and more fun. Technology is of course not entirely about gadgets and physical things. Technology can also be the software that we use to enable certain features on our gadgets, and I think the iPhone is a perfect example of that. Anyone who has been a geek since the early ’80s knows there has been some major developments in the technology sector since then. I don’t think I could even feature them all in this post even if I had the time and really wanted to. It’s simply too much, and the whole thing just keeps going faster and faster.

The geeky people over at Rackspace certainly wanted to give it a try though, and they decided to put parts of the technology revolution into quite an inspiring infographic. Sure, it doesn’t show all the steps from the first incarnation of the gadget to the last; however, it does feature how it started, and where we are today. It’s simply one of those infographics you need to check out in order to fully understand the true evolution of the gadgets we are now using today.

Take the VHS video cassette for example, which was developed in 1971. Now look at where we are today with the DVD as the most common storage medium for film and video. It’s quite a leap, and if you start looking at the storage capacity of the two, there is simply no contest. As you can see, these are just a fraction of all the technologies that are out there today. However, these are of course the most well known ones, and they definitely deserve their place in technology history. What gadgets have they forgotten? Can you tell us what the first version of it was and where we are today? I know you guys love showing off your awesome knowledge so bring it on!

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Every Generation Of Technology Evolution