Technology In Dentistry Through The Ages

Dentistry, which refers to the study and practice of oral health, has existed for a long time based on records. These records show that millennials were practicing dentistry, and then humans did not know what they practiced to be oral health. Their oral health knowledge was solely focused on the teeth, which were treated as a bone. The primary teeth problem experienced in that time from research on the skulls of humans that lived in that time was shown to be tooth decay. This oral health issue is still a concern to the present day.

However, various other oral health issues have been identified. This progress in dentistry is because of the incorporation of technology in dentistry. Technology can be described as using science to identify and procure solutions to problems. Technology in dentistry has done that and more. It has brought about a revolutionary change in oral health, thus, reducing the drastic impacts of dental health issues on human health.

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By default, the human mouth contains bacteria as needed for excellent oral health, but these bacteria should exist in an amount that is not harmful to human health. When these bacteria exceed the vital quantity, it poses a threat to human health and oral health. Technology has helped establish this understanding and made it possible for the spread of excess bacteria to be reduced. Read on for more information.

Evolution Of Technology In Dentistry

It is only fair to highlight that the evolution of technology in dentistry started from the practitioners, which has led to the presence of skilled and qualified dentists like the The Smiles Dental in Rockville Center. Before the 16th century, records showed that any skilled craftsman like a barber, wigmaker, etc., could practice dentistry.

However, technology brought about the need for specialists in dentistry. These specialists need to be craftsmen who are solely focused on understanding how oral health works and solving the problems that affect oral health; thus, the broth of dentists.

Asides from the practitioners, technology in dentistry has also seen the development of sophisticated tools and facilities for the practitioners mentioned above to use in addressing a dental problem. Before the coming of technology into dentistry, the rate at which people lost their teeth when growing old increased, but technology helped reduce those numbers, and now people enjoy excellent oral health even into their old age.

The push to continue evolving is the most significant advancement technology has given dentistry through the years. This evolution has seen the introduction of toothbrushes in place of chewing sticks, dental fillers for cavities and decays, dental implants to replace a missing tooth, and sophisticated imaging that allows a dentist to capture the teeth and spot which tooth is faulty or the cause of the discomfort, and identifying some foods that are unhealthy to our oral health.

Benefits Of Technology In Dentistry

To better understand how technology has impacted dentistry through the years, here is an outline of how its benefits to dentistry. They include:

  1. Identifying sophisticated dental issues: As mentioned earlier, before the advent of technology, the dental issue everybody knew was tooth decay, which they had a crazy theory of being caused by worms. This theory was because of the holes found in the teeth. However, technology made it easy to identify different dental issues asides from tooth decay. Some of these dental issues include worn-out crowns and more.
  2. Procure safe and easy solutions: Records have shown that the methods used to treat have experienced an evolution that sees them go from painful to less painful methods. Numbing substances like local anesthesia make some oral treatments feasible and convenient today.
  3. Availability: Before the introduction of technology in dentistry, dental treatments were reserved for special members in some countries. This meant that some individuals would get to leave with the discomfort of an oral health issue because they are not among the special people granted access. However, technology has made it possible that anybody can have access to dental care a d secure excellent dental treatment.
  4. Knowledge sharing: before technology was incorporated into dentistry, not everyone knew what dental health was or the need to care for it. However, technology has helped create more awareness of the need to care for dental health while providing the tools needed to achieve excellent oral health.


The evolution of technology in dentistry has been summarized in this article, and, among other things, the article has shown how effectively technology has improved dentistry over the years.

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