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As an effective strategy for managing development costs and offering quality companies, offshore development services have been widely adopted by startups and multinational companies (MNCs). With nearshore software development, you can enjoy the benefits of offshore development while also taking advantage of proximity. This means that the location is closer to you, enabling convenient site visits within a short travel time.

The other key advantage of nearshore software development is working with a team that possesses a shared language, cultural similarities, and technical expertise that allows the external team to easily integrate with your local team quickly.

Additionally, nearshore software development improves communication and collaboration and allows for the effective use of both internal resources and external resources. Nearshore software development also enables you to access a wide pool of talent and specialist skills.

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You will partner with people who have the skills and experience to deal with project or enterprise software projects no matter how complex they may seem. With a dedicated team of IT professionals by your side, you can achieve your objectives in a timely manner.

Why Should You Work With Us?

If you want to expand your company’s software development capacity, we can offer you a team of talented software developers who will be part of your remote team. You will work with our developers directly to ensure you achieve your objectives. Outsourcing offers our clients many benefits like a flexible team of experienced software developers, 24-hour access to our team, and competitive pricing.

We have extensive experience working with many cultures and this makes us qualified to work with clients from different parts of the country. Our experience working with clients from different cultures allows us to continuously improve our services.

Our offshore team will work proficiently and within the set deadline to help you achieve your goals. What’s more, we are a fully amalgamated Singaporean business entity, and as such, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a world-class offshore software development center.

Timely Project Delivery

Since most clients often expect you to deliver on your software project within the stipulated deadlines, our team of software developers will work around the clock to deliver your project timely. First, we would recommend that you start by writing down the main requirements for your software development project. You can create either a list of user stories or user-cases.

Alternatively, you can also create a written description of the type of software you want to create. If you want to outsource your software development project, you can send your specification details to us. Our experienced team of developers and project managers will analyze it thoroughly and recommend changes where necessary.

Your Dedicated Nearshore Team

 If you have a software project that you want to develop from scratch or update to match a set of features, our dedicated team of developers will advise you on the best way forward. We carefully evaluate the project requirements first and offer you the best developers best suited for the project. Our team of software developers has broad experience in innovative solutions and will work around the clock to deliver the right product that matches all your needs and expectations.

Additionally, we understand that managing remote software developers can be overwhelming and we perfectly understand your worries. Our team of offshore software developers will manage your project from start to finish, which offers you peace of mind.

How To Ensure Your Software Development Process Runs Smoothly

  • Set Realistic Expectations

Once you have completed assessing all the requirements of the software project, you need to find out if they are indeed achievable. This is important because setting impractical expectations can hinder the software development process. By having a clear set of goals, it is easier to have seamless support from our team of software developers.

  • Monitor the development of the project

It is essential to track the progress you are making as far as outsourcing your software development is concerned. We will help you keep track of the software development process and recommend changes in specific areas that need improvement.

  • Trust us to manage your project

It’s difficult to speed your software development process if you cannot trust your remote team to get the job done. We have experienced project managers who can act as a lead on the project. Our experienced team of developers will provide the right leadership to ensure you meet your objects within the set deadlines.

  • Communicate effectively

Our company will offer you a dedicated support team to respond to any changes during the software development process. We provide maintenance services, upgrades when necessary, bug-fixing, and product enhancement by adding new features to your product.

There are different approaches you can use to effectively outsource the overall development, testing, and maintenance of your software product. The three common approaches used include dedicated teams, staff augmentation, and project-based offshoring. There is no ‘’perfect’’ model. You need all of them to reach a good balance in offshoring your software development tasks.

Stages Of A Nearshore Software Development

  • Find a suitable methodology

The software development that will suit your company will depend on the size of your project, your budget, the timescale, and its level of complexity.

  • Choose the right nearshoring partner

You are ready to hire a nearshore software development team that can work on your project. The first step is to evaluate what skills your current team is lacking.

  • Set clear goals or specifications

A comprehensive brief helps the client understand the scope of the project. Additionally, it allows for proper planning and better implementation of the software development process.

  • Track the software development progress with Project management tools

You can use project management tools to ensure your software development project runs smoothly. Everyone on the team will benefit from properly documented workflows in the form of calendars and messaging threads.

  • QA testing is important

It is essential to test your software product during the development process to ensure everything is up to par.

How To Select The Right Outsourcing Model

To ensure you choose the right outsourcing model for your software development, you need to determine the scope of your project. Once you decide what your actual needs are, we will help you find the best approach and implement it.

Our offshore software development team is preferable to working with in-house developers and it offers an array of advantages. Today, low operating costs and quality production drive global clients toward offshoring their software development processes.

Advantages Of Our Nearshore Software Development Services

When your in-house development team has to manage more than one project, they might compromise on the quality. Additionally, they might delay some projects. On the other hand, if you want to hire new employees, you will have to spend money to train them. Our offshore software developers will provide you with a team of experts to deliver high-quality output within the stipulated period.

  • Lower labor costs

We are a growing Singaporean company with an experienced offshore development team in Vietnam. That means clients can enjoy lower labor costs when offshoring their software development services. Our rates are competitive and we are always open for negotiation.

  • Helps to speed up time to market

If there are limited resources available within your company, more resources from the nearshore team can help to speed up time to market.

  • Improved Compliance

When you decide to use our offshore development services, you will get instant access to a broad pool of talent without the legal implications that most companies undergo when hiring employees. Our offshore company will deal with the legal paperwork and allow you to focus on more important things.

  • Technological Advances

Since technology is evolving every day, implementing new business practices is of utmost importance. When you outsource our offshore software development services, it will be easier to meet innovative people who have diverse technology expertise.

  • Get a fresh perspective

Developing great software often entails trying new methods and thinking of better ways to deal with bugs. By hiring our remote team of developers, you will certainly benefit from hearing fresh ideas. Our software developers might actually amaze you with new ideas on how you can improve your project.

  • Collaborate with a wide range of talented IT professionals

By hiring our offshore software development team, you will get access to some of the brightest technology experts. Since our offshore company has a team of experienced developers with the desired skill-set, they will ensure your project is done professionally and up to standards.

  • Helps you downsize smartly

Outsourcing our software development services will help you to re-prioritize and downsize your in-house staff. That way, you can manage a sizable team of remote workers, which improves efficiency and encourages productivity.

  • Improves work accuracy

When our offshore software development team works on your project under a strict deadline, you will get better results much faster. For that reason, using our offshore software development services is the best option if you want to track the speed of the software development process.

  • Lower operating expenses

With our remote software development team, you don’t have to buy equipment or other supplies required for the development process, thereby lowering operational costs. The main reason why most companies today utilize our offshore software development services is the greater flexibility we offer in terms of cost improvements.

  • Focus on other important business

Let our offshore team of experts handle product development and you can focus on other important things. This will help your company expand more rapidly in the long-run.

  • Reach a wider market

Working with our offshore software developers is an opportunity to grow your company and reach a broader market. It enables you to partner with talented developers who can take your company to new heights from a global perspective.

  • Less Risks

By working with our experienced team of software developers, you can minimize any risks during the software development process. Additionally, having your software developed by our offshoring company will help to streamline your business processes. It is therefore important to have a focused strategy if you want to compete with other software companies.

  • High quality

We strive for high quality when creating software products. We implement each project according to high international standards. Additionally, we are continually adapting best practices and improving our system of quality management.

Working with our offshore software developers maximizes flexibility, and encourages creative innovation. It helps businesses obtain a competitive edge without losing efficiency while increasing profits simultaneously. Our offshore development team often uses flexible communication and programming approaches.

We always welcome new opportunities and challenges to serve our clients better. Furthermore, we use a consultative approach when working with clients, and that means we consider your business idea and requirements and then turn them into innovative software. Finally, our offshore development services also provide a cheaper alternative to in-house software development. In addition to providing a cost-effective alternative, we always strive to improve customer satisfaction by creating the best product.

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