The Age Of The UnPrinter

It’s amazing how much we depend on our printer these days. It’s the backbone of every business. Most of our dealings, business and knowledge were shared by this groundbreaking invention when it first came out as a matrix printer. Back then it was all about pixel line-by-pixel line printing, which was the main printing method, and it was anything but fast. As a matter of fact, even back then it was quite annoying. Printing more than a couple of documents could take up a whole morning. I guess some people saw that as an opportunity to take some time off and do something less work related. After all they were “working” on printing their stuff.

Today printing is as laser fast as printing something on the screen sometimes. We have gotten used to the speed now, and instead of complaining about how slow it is, we instead complain about it warming up, not working properly, or the paper being out. However, now there is a solution for that as well, and it’s quite genius if you ask me. So what is this solution and how could it save your business at crunch time and when your paper is out?

Well, it’s of course the Ink Removal Printer designed and prototyped by Kim Su Yeon. It works just like a regular printer with the slight difference that it doesn’t print. It actually removes any text that you have printed on the paper, so it helps you save money on paper as well. It’s the ultimate “green” environmental gadget, and I am sure it will be a huge hit both for companies and anyone at home. It’s a great little concept that truly makes a difference in the world. These kind of solutions are the best ones because they not only work with us during crunch time, but they also save the environment. That’s what I call a win-win situation.

Ink Removal Printer Concept Prototype

Ink Removal Printer Concept Prototype

Via: [Yanko Design]