The All Ears Women’s iPhone 4S Case Is Pure Stealth

If you have been reading Bit Rebels for a while, you know that I write about iPhone cases quite often. It’s because we think accessories help people make their stuff personal. Having the exact same thing that someone else has is not really too much fun. If we can in any way help you find your next case, we have achieved what we set out to do. More often than not, we find stuff that is pretty out there. It’s stuff that will make your gadgets not only unique but hilarious as well. I wrote about the EarOnic about 4 months ago, and people seemed to like it quite a lot. It’s definitely not your usual iPhone case.

Well, as a matter of fact, there is now a new model for women that might interest all our female readers. It’s pretty much the same thing but with female ears and hair lines. It’s not an uber advanced case, but it has a genius little format and styling. If you have ever felt like going stealth with your iPhone, or maybe you have thought about talking on the phone during a movie in the theater for example, this case is definitely for you. I guess there won’t be too much talking going on, but at least you can listen to your voicemails while watching the movie.

I am a little confused about whether this is made by the same developer because this one is called All Ears, and the men’s edition was called EarOnic. Perhaps I am just getting the names of the series confused with the company names. Maybe it is the same company creating them all. Either way, you can now buy the women’s edition over at Perpetual Kid for just $11.99. Maybe we will come to the point when people start cutting their hair to fit their iPhone case instead of the other way around. Who knows, right?

All Ears Women iPhone Case

All Ears Women iPhone Case

Via: [Chip Chick]