The Amazing Future Of 3D Printing Revealed

We here at Bit Rebels are really excited about the development of 3D printing. We believe it is one of the most important areas of research that is currently being looked into. Just like with the creation of the personal computer in the ’70s, the pace of development in the 3D printing arena is increasing rapidly. We have gone from a pure dream just a few years ago, to something that most of us just marvel at today. I remember when computer graphics started to become realistic, or as realistic as they could be, back in the beginning of 2000. It was amazingly inspiring, and that is exactly how it feels with the 3D printing developments at the moment.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the state of 3D printing, and where we are today. Well, that article is actually dated now. The video shown in it was almost 9 months old, and in that amount of time, a lot can change. It so happens that we are miles ahead of that right now, and recent photos show progress that the mind is almost incapable of comprehending. 3D printer manufacturer Object has some rather mind blowing news about their progress in this area.

Their new 3D printer Connex500 is actually so accurate that you need a magnifying glass to even see all the details. It’s so detailed that it can print details down to 16 microns. Not only is it insanely accurate, but it can also print several materials at once. This industrial-strength printer can actually print 14 materials at the same time, which means it can print a solid object inside a transparent cube in one and the same go. That is just two different materials, so you might be able to imagine what it could do with 14 simultaneous materials. Just have a look at these images and the video and marvel. We’re not far from being able to to purchase household items, interior design decorations, yeah even furniture online, and then in an instant print them at home. Sure, it would take a pretty large printer, but in time, we’ll have it incorporated into our homes just like our fridge or freezer. It will become a household appliance that we simply can’t live without.



Via: [Technabob]