The Anticipation Of The iPad 3 In The U.S. [Infographic]

It is that time again. The time when Apple is about to announce their new upgraded iPad. A lot of people I have talked to are super excited, and they almost can’t wait for it to come out. This time around there has been a lot of speculation on the Internet (there usually is, but this time it’s more than usual) about what features it will have. There has been a landslide of “leaks,” and we’re used to seeing about 2-3 new supposed features a week now. As we all know, the expectations are built up by these “leaks,” and when the actual thing is released and demoed, we all face plant into the ground in disappointment.

I guess the real thing people want to know is whether or not there is anything ground breaking about the new iPad 3. It’s something that could possibly have come from the late Steve Jobs and his genius mind. The only way to find out is to wait and see what they will announce. The question is really how many people will actually upgrade from what they have now to an iPad 3. That is something that¬†Ask Your Target Market pulled some survey results together about and presented it in an infographic that could push us in the right direction of just how many people will actually go ahead and upgrade.

It is a data packed infographic that presents pretty much every aspect of the question. Based on the collected data, it seems that Apple is going to sell a lot of iPad 3s when they decide to release it. That should come as no surprise since Apple has always made it a trend to outsell the previous model by an insane number. But, if they bomb this time around, I am sure the blame will be put on the fact that Steve Jobs is no longer with us to make sure the products that Apple ships are up to the Apple standard. It is an exciting time, and I can’t wait to see what this new incarnation will have to offer. Will you be upgrading, or will that depend on the features announced in the new iPad 3?

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Via: [Cool Infographics] [Mashable]