The Birth & Evolution Of The iPhone [Infographic]

It’s rare that a gadget comes along that changes pretty much our whole perception of how things work. We tend to get very attached to the ways we, the users, approach things when it comes to technology. Take the remote control for example. We have been using it for a couple of decades now, and little has been done to improve its usefulness or the way it actually works. We have grown so attached to it that it is now going to be really hard to introduce any other way to switch the channel on your TV or start your DVD etc. That almost happened with cell phones as well. The way the buttons were configured, and how it all worked almost became the norm for all future technology.

Then the touchscreen came along, and we started to see a slight change in how things could work. Then, bam! Apple announced the iPhone and suddenly everything changed seemingly overnight. Every cell phone manufacturer started to develop smartphones. However, to create something that stays in focus as long as the iPhone has, you need to keep innovating. The gadget has to evolve even after its birth.

I guess that was why Temple Fox MIS published an infographic called The Birth Of The iPhone that is entirely dedicated to the iPhone birth and evolution. It’s a timeline so to speak. It differs a little from the usual infographics that we see about the iPhone. It has a more in depth approach and lines up the previous incarnations to compare stats and further demonstrate the never ending evolution it goes through. It is as much of a timeline for Apple’s success as it is an evolutionary timeline for the actual iPhone itself. The question is whether or not we’ll see the iPhone 5 this year, or if Apple is secretly working on a greater update that will take a little bit longer to complete now that most people are expecting a new design and some new ground breaking features. Maybe this time around, we’ll finally see a projector incorporated. That would be a serious game changer for the iPhone. To be able to project movies on walls at home with just an iPhone would not only boost its usefulness but also the user’s urge to purchase a heck of a lot more movies from iTunes. We’ll just have to cross our fingers that this is not too far away.

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