The Coke Machine That Dances Just For You!

Let’s be honest. Vending machines are, for the most part, a complete pain in the butt. You put your money in knowing that there is a pretty good chance something will go wrong during the process. Either the machine will eat your money or your soda can will get stuck on the way down, right?

Thank goodness there is a creative student/designer out there that is on a mission to change this. Guus Baggermans created the “friendly vending machine” for his graduation project.

You’ve got to see the demonstration in the little video below. This is brilliant. It makes our current vending machines look so old fashioned. Just like some of the dolls in the toy section of Target start crying to get your attention when you walk by, these soda cans do a little twist and turn, like a dance, to get your attention when you walk by.

When you decide which soda you want, you just point at it, and the machine intuitively knows which one you’ve chosen. It gently opens the case for you to reach the can. No more noisy cans falling inside an old fashioned ugly metal machine. We need these everywhere right now! Great job Guus!

Friendly Vending V2 from Guus Baggermans on Vimeo.

[via technabob, gajitz]