The Cost Of Being The First Kid On The Block [Infographic]

I have pointed it out many times before, but I suppose another time won’t hurt us a bit. Technology is rapidly progressing, and it isn’t unusual for us to buy something at the store only to get back home, install it, and find out that what we just bought is actually yesterday’s hype. It happens to many people on a daily basis. There’s actually nothing wrong with it, and usually our gadget is more than capable of working without being the newest version or breed. That’s how technology companies evolve, and it normally takes a couple of years until support, for example, is provided for the gadget you just bought, so we should just sit down and relax.

However, for the people who want to be on the cutting edge of technology and be what we call an “early adapter,” or maybe in a more common definition, be called “the first kid on the block,” there comes both negative and positive effects. Of course, it is cool and all to have the latest most advanced technology at your disposal. If you reveal all its secrets, you may be called an expert on your own device. It can lead to wonderful things, and it could even lead to a promotion or a broader audience if you have a site for example.

There are also negative effects of always being first in line with your cash in hand, and that’s exactly what I am talking about, cash! If you are an early adapter of a gadget, you can prepare to pay as much as double the price as anyone who waits to buy it for as little as a year. This can potentially lead to a lot of problems since when the new gadget comes out, you might not be able to afford it, so instead, you skip a generation of it. However, that shouldn’t be any problem if you’re loaded, so whatever you choose to become, it’s entirely up to you. Have a look at this really cool infographic from Socialcast about what the costs are to be the first kid on the block. Do you want to be the uber geek with the latest gadget in your hand?

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First Kid On The Block