The Difference Between Email Now & 10 Years Ago [Image]

As technology moves forward at an ever faster pace, we are left with memories of how it used to be. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the new things that are being released and our thoughts for many will linger back to the old days when gadgets and devices were much simpler. When the Internet turned into a household name, that’s when things started to move really fast. We were greeted with a lifetime’s worth of information and knowledge at our fingertips. The speed of our dial-up connections became faster, and we could see and upload images to form simple websites. Eventually we got what we are still using today, the email.

Back then, about 10 years ago, when you received an email and the famous “ploing” sound filled the air, you were eager to see who sent it to you. Sometimes we became almost euphoric as the emails came tumbling into our inbox. However, things have of course changed quite a bit since then. We’ve gone through a ton of different messaging services, from ICQ to MSN Messenger and eventually we received what we now call social networking.

As the post offices are struggling to survive, the Internet is thriving with messaging services of all kinds. There’s Twitter, Facebook, and as you know, I could go on forever if we wanted to list them all. So what will happen with snail mail eventually? Well, one thing is for sure, and that is that we have somewhat shifted our excitement quite a bit. We’ve even switched sides completely. I found a picture today that basically depicts this change in a brilliant way. It will be quite clear to you what I mean when you have a look at it. Times change, but the retro feeling of a letter in your hand will never release its grip on us. You got to love it!

Mail Now And Then Image

Via: [Awesome Galore]