The Entire Internet Weighs As Much As A Strawberry

Have you ever wondered how much the Internet weighs? When I did my research for an article I wrote a few months ago called Global Data Storage: How Much & Where It Is, I learned that there are about 600 exabytes of data stored on the Internet right now. If you put all the information from one exabyte into DVD format, you would have to watch it for 50,000 years to get through it all.

So, based on that formula, all of the information on the Internet, if put onto DVDs, would take 30,000,000 years to watch if you watched it continuously. That’s a lot! However, how much does it actually weigh, like in grams? Does data have a physical weight? Is the Internet fat or skinny?

As it turns out, according to this absolutely ingenious video, the entire Internet weighs about as much as one large strawberry. Yes, it is an American in this video using the metric system. As interesting as this all is, it’s funny to me that most of the comments I read on YouTube are about the metric system. It’s hard to believe that all that data has almost no physical weight. It’s like in the movie Men In Black when the talking alien dog pointed out that we humans often think that very important things have to be physically large, but they don’t. I feel smarter after watching this video. Technology is so cool.

Entire Internet Weight Straberries

Entire Internet Weight Strawberry

Via: [Presurfer]