The Freelancing Revolution [Infographic]

Are you thinking about becoming a freelancer instead of having to faithfully keep taking that train to work every morning to do something that, despite the secure employment, doesn’t really tickle your fancy? A lot of people think about that, and more and more are actually taking that step into the unknown to become what they really feel is their life’s calling. Just because you can do it, don’t ever think it will be an easy task or that it’s an overnight path for success that you will be walking on. Being a freelancer has as much to do with dedication as it has to do with the pure brute force of determination. You have to really know you will be successful and never doubt your abilities.

If you decide to take this highly creative step into becoming a freelancer, maybe a bit of information and some facts would be a good guide. I have managed to find an interesting infographic designed and put together by the people over at CreditDonkey, and it will surely give you some of the answers I am sure you are dying to find out. Just the fact that it matters where you are located when determining your chances of actually making a living off of your freelancing should prove to be quite useful.

Once you are a freelancer and you start getting work on a regular basis, you can truly reap the rewards of being your own boss. I must stress the fact that if you can’t handle stress very well, being a freelancer is probably not for you. It involves a lot of late nights, grumpy customers and a whole lot of planning to get it all together at the end of the month. However, once you have gotten all that under control, it can be one of the most rewarding employment forms you could ever pursue. Just make sure you have a solid plan before you throw yourself off the edge into the unknown though. It could mean avoiding years of unnecessary work. #JustSaying

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The Freelancing Revolution Fact Infographic

Via: [Daily Infographic]