The History Of Mobile Operating Systems [Infographic]

I remember back in 1996 when nobody even knew what a mobile operating system was. I had just graduated from University and moved to Atlanta that year to work at the Olympics. I specifically remember all the bulky heavy computers we had to set up just to access the Internet and make everything run smoothly. There were no smartphones, and there was certainly no talk about the future of mobile operating systems. As a matter of fact, I remember I had a flip phone that was so expensive; I only used it to make calls “in emergencies.” Looking back, it all seems so lame.  Little did I know, that was the year it would all begin.

These days, hot topics that almost everyone is interested in (or at least us geeks) are mobile technology, mobile devices and of course, mobile operating systems. Everyone wants to be able to do everything fast, and on the go. The developers have done a great job feeding us a never-ending stream of new apps, new devices and new hacks. We are like drug-addicted junkies, and we just can’t get enough. I have to admit, I love it! I will be one of those people who will run out and buy an iPad 2 knowing full well that in a year from now it will be obsolete. And, I can’t wait to do it.

It seems like there is always some sort of mobile operating system war going on. People are really loyal to their mobile OS of choice. The moment someone complains about Microsoft, they are called a hater.  It goes on and on, right? This article in the New York Times from four days ago will definitely keep that flame going for a while. It is called Android Pulls Ahead in Smartphone Race, Report Says, but when you read the article, you see that once again, it’s all a matter of perspective. You can gather stats to back a case either way depending on how you want to spin it.

So how did all this craziness start in the first place? What is the evolution of mobile operating systems? This great infographic, created by [x]Cube Labs is a wonderful illustration of where it all began and how far we’ve come. Sit back, relax, and spend a few minutes checking this badboy out. It’s put together beautifully and is full of great information.

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The History of Mobile OS