The iPhone App That Takes You Back To The 20th Century

Technology really has changed the way we communicate. I remember back when cell phones were so large that you practically needed a suitcase to lug them around. I remember the time when my sister was asked to leave her mobile phone with security when we were watching a basketball game because the security guard thought it was a camera since it was so big, that was really funny.

Now mobile phones are evolving, making it easier for users to carry them around. They have also evolved in such a way that people can use their mobile phones to not just send SMS messages or to make calls but also to connect with people via their social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter.

While developers and cell phone manufacturers are inventing new models and applications, I find it interesting that some still try to bring back old functions on new gadgets. One such application is the iRetrophone. The iRetrophone is an application that gives your iPhone a rotary dialer. Cool right? It brings your iPhone back to the 20th century. The application sells for $2.29, and they say it really allows you to dial manually like the old rotary phones.

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