The iPhone – If Bill Gates Had Created It

It’s one of the most notorious battles ever fought. It’s a battle that has spanned decades, and it is still not settled as it’s hard to estimate what winning this “game” really means. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were the titans that were fit to star in the newly released “Clash Of The Titans” and their battle changed the world forever. There were no rules, no pardons or mercies, no kindness at the end of a deal… just simply a matter of winning or losing.

Even though Bill Gates has stepped down from his empire and Steve Jobs is stepping up his game yet another notch, I still feel as though we could need another spark in today’s technology landscape where we’d see a little bit more competitive forces working against each other. Sure, we have Google who’s digging around in pretty much everything these days but the old Sony/Ericsson, Nokia and those more old school cell phone companies are just doing what they know how to do best, to supply the world with second grade cell phones always destined to be one step behind the innovators.

What if the roles would have been reversed? What if Bill Gates would have gotten Steve Jobs’ role and vice versa? What would the iPhone have looked like then? These are questions that we can never get the answer to… or can we?

Designer Olivier Demangel once again stuns us with his wits and his eye for interesting designs. His take on the “Bill Gate’s iPhone” is quite genius; however, I am glad, now that I know how it would look, that Steve Jobs is pulling the strings over at Apple. Honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way as a matter of fact. Some actually suggest that if the iPhone was created this way instead, it would be much more suitable for gaming. I do not concur.

So, do you think this interesting concept would have had a chance in today’s technology enriched environment or is it just too old school and dated? Would you want your iPhone to flip open to reveal a small qwerty keyboard on which you could type your messages just like you did on your Nokia phone? If I had to answer, I would make the world know with an echoing “NO”. I want my iPhone to be my iPhone, if you know what I mean. However, Olivier is a master of bringing unknown territories to life and for letting us know that we’re on the right path after all…