The Many Fails of The iPhone

iPhone has for a long time now been the ultimate choice when buying a new cell phone. Even the great Blackberry has a hard time keeping up with everything new that Apple constantly keeps “inventing” and incorporating on the iPhone. I have one myself and I can say I am more then happy with it. Happy as one can be as a matter of fact. But, there is always room for improvements, right? Especially when things that are meant to work in a certain way does everything BUT work as they are intended to.

So, even the iPhone has it’s ghosts. Every so often things happen to my iPhone that are unexplainable and sometimes just weird which brought me to check if anyone else had the same problems with their iPhone. And I manage to find quite a few quite fast and they are just hilarious.

Just because it’s a hype it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Things sometime takes time to fix and before it is you can expect to have some fun with it. Why not put it out there for all to see what mistakes even the mighty Apple could do. Their stuff isn’t always to the last bit perfected. Enjoy!