The Most Flexible Home Gaming Simulator Ever!

Gaming has long been an activity where you either stand at an arcade game console, or sit on a couch to play. Kids today have almost lost their entire physique due to constant gaming, and it’s becoming a worldwide health problem. However, we all know that it’s not really that bad. Kids are still active, and I am sure that as technology advances farther, we’ll see more games that will challenge kids and youngsters to move their behinds, just like Wii has introduced.

That’s why I think it’s quite appropriate to tell you about this new and quite awesomely cool way of turning your chair into a real gaming experience. So far it’s meant to be used as a tool when playing driving games such as formula one games and what not. There are quite a lot of driving games out there, so it comes in handy.

Don’t forget that there are other things that this really cool and entertaining little contraption could be incorporated into. How about a really cool roller coaster simulation or why not a space shuttle launch? The imagination is really the only limit. Anything is possible as long as it has to do with sitting. This could potentially make kids move a little at least while they stay in front of the computer. I sure wouldn’t mind having one in the office where I could just take that space shuttle out for a spin around the world. Now where’s that Google satellite? I reckon it should be around here somewhere…